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Question and Answers

It is always advisable to obtain three quotations for your Alarm system. This will give you the following advantages;

  • Three opinions on the amount of coverage required.
  • Three costings.
  • Three choices of Control Equipment/Detectors (Aesthetics etc)

When comparing quotations/costs always check the following;

  • Is the cost for 'outright' sale or are you simply 'renting' the system?

If you are renting a system then you are tied to that Company. Should you ever have any disagreement then your option to change provider is severely restricted, as you do not own the equipment. With Guardwell you own the equipment.

  • Does the cost include the 1st years' service and maintenance, or do you have to add that cost?

Obviously this can come as an unexpected additional cost. Guardwells’ quotes include the 1st year’s service and maintenance.

  • Is the service and maintenance renewable at your discretion, or is there a minimum contract period?

Minimum contract periods allow the Company to enjoy a ‘captive’ customer base requiring less competitive cost structures. With Guardwell, after the 1st year has expired, the decision to extend the service and maintenance year-on-year is entirely at your discretion.

  • If some form of Alarm Receiving Centre is to be connected, does it include the 1st years’ monitoring, or do you have to add the monitoring cost on?

This can add a considerable amount to the apparent cost of the quote. With Guardwell, if a monitoring option is required then the cost quoted will include the 1st years' monitoring.

  • Will the installation be certified?

Most insurers will insist that the system is certified to either NSI (NACOSS) or SSAIB standards. Guardwell certify to NSI Gold standards, which are widely believed to be the highest standards in the UK.

  • Will the same company that carried out the installation also maintain the system?


A Company that expects to maintain the system is more likely to ‘care’ about their installation than one that intends to pass the servicing onto a third party. Guardwell install and maintain their systems.

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